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Frequently Asked Questions

What's new with gelicious Peel-Off Gel?

  • No more acetone soaking to remove your gel nails! 
  • NEW! gelicious Peel-Off Gel has a gentler preparation recommendation than regular gels. Simply soften cutilces in warm water to push them back and file and shape as you usually would. Then moisturise and wash hands in soap and warm water so they are super clean. That's it! You are ready to apply.
  • Be sure not to wipe over the nail with acetone before applying. If you have just removed nail polish, moisturise hands well then wash well with soap and water to hydrate and clean the nail before applying. A too-dry surface can cause slight nail damage.
  • To make peeling easier you can skimp on cure time in the base coat, 10-30 seconds is plenty! 


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